What are Commissions / Custom Dice?

If you do not find what you are looking for, or if you want to tweak the colors a bit, I am happy to make a set especially for you. As this will take some extra effort, feedback and trial and error. We have a big variety of powders, colors, inks, foils and stamps.

The prices below are independent from the set type (Regular, Crystal, Small), however how the dice are made matter.

One-Cast Dice

Most Dice you know are One-Cast-Dice. They are made in one step by casting the dice right into the final mold. Those casts can be complex still with multiple colors and materials inside.

Full Set of 7-pieces:

  • 120 EUR

Single Die

  • D4/D6: 19 EUR
  • D8/D10/D100/D12: 22 EUR
  • D20 25: EUR
Example: Multiple Color One-Cast Dice

Two-Cast Dice (Shell Dice)

Two-Cast Dice are more complicated. First an inner smaller dice set is made, when refined and cast again for protection, adding the numbers an optional a bit more customization. As this process is almost double the work, the price is reflecting that.

Full Set of 7-pieces:

  • 180 EUR

Single Die:

  • D4/D6: 25 EUR
  • D8/D10/D100/D12: 30 EUR
  • D20: 40 EUR
Example: Foil Transfer Shell Dice


  • Custom dice take around 1-2 weeks to produce, plus shipping time.
  • Minimum order total is 50 EUR.
  • I will let you know what options, materials, colors etc. I have. But take a look at our shop to get an idea of the style of dice we make.
  • One recast is included in the price if you are not happy with how it turned out (I will send pictures). Additional recasts are possible, but need to be priced.
  • Even dice are made with magic, complicated designs may not be applicable. Also, if you have extraordinary wishes, prices may vary depending on the complexity.
  • Rights to the design as well as pictures of it are reserved for promotion or for sale, if not agreed otherwise.